The things I've seen.

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15 responses to “The things I've seen.”

  1. The8BitWarrior says:

    God bless EMTs

  2. schlederboss says:

    This is really dark. I like it

  3. sonikmummy says:

    Thank you

  4. manstick13 says:

    Sister is an EMT. She had to pick up a 700 lb woman. Or as she put it, “A partially deflated meat balloon.”

  5. aj1218 says:

    It is why I only got minimal life saving cerifications I can’t deal with copious amounts of blood.

  6. Solarfyre says:

    Nothing worse than a patient dying in front of you…

  7. MeeshMix says:

    I’ve worked with other EMTs/Paramedics who are constantly haunted by what they’ve seen.

  8. mayorofmegaton says:

    My girlfriend quit her EMT job cause she couldn’t handle it. It takes a certain type of person.

  9. MeeshMix says:

    When I did my ride time for my EMT cert, we had to transport a 400lb man… 15 mi away on a hot august night with no A/C.

  10. Holydarkness says:

    For me, seeing them die on rig, because as an EMT it’s your duty to keep them alive, so i imagine that this would haunt me more :/

  11. LeatherSavesLivesRubberPreventsIt says:

    Honestly. EMTs are not given enough credit. They are hero’s in every sense of the word.

  12. julgran says:

    Oh my. I can’t imagine what it would be like. I hope you can also feel proud when they are getting better. You’re doing a great job =)

  13. mrDword says:

    As a paramedic, this speaks to me

  14. mrDword says:

    As a paramedic, this speaks to me

  15. mrDword says:

    I’d say finding them, I’d like to know for certain there was nothing I could do for them

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