The Only GIF You Need To See Before Day 2 Of March Madness

1. Ben McLemore is a freshman and the best player on the University of Kansas. He is also the best dancer. In the world. First, he gets things going in the Kansas locker room with a little running in place.

2. Then his teammates start to get in on the act. (Bonus points to seven-footer Jeff Withey, who’s wiggling in his seat in the background.)

3. Then all hell breaks loose: McLemore goes to 11, with Rio Adams and Elijah Johnson similarly upping the ante, plus the solid contributions of Shirtless Leg-Kick Dude.

4. Until the grand finale. That’s how you get hype.

5. Here’s video, complete with some completely wrong salsa music as accompaniment. If Kansas can channel this energy into the tournament, they’ll be unbeatable.

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