The Next Generation Of Space-Saving Furniture Is So Brilliant It Hurts

The move toward minimalism has been in full swing for years now. Obviously, it’s not for everyone and any legitimate expert on the subject will tell you that there’s no “wrong” way to simplify your life, or even some specific amount of minimalism you need to achieve to declare yourself a minimalist. Of course, there are also detractors. Some consider the sacrifices many people make in the name of minimalism to constitute a colossal waste of time. After all, as you’ll see in this video, some of the rather expensive and clever solutions for living with less also require some fairly convoluted daily rituals.

Other critics have suggested that minimalism is, contrary to its outward appearance, only something for the wealthy or privileged. After all, it often requires operating without a safety net, so to speak. Having a garage full of tools might seem expensive and cluttery, but the hidden costs of hiring someone else to do everything for you can far outweigh the price of a good set of wrenches or a drill.

Whether minimal living is just another swing of the cultural pendulum or an important development to help society sustain itself is still up in the air. What’s not up for debate is how ingenious and cool the furniture in this video is. Whether it’s the murphy bed hidden behind a bookshelf (is this guy a minimalist Scooby Doo villain or something?) or the dining table for 10 disguised as a sideboard, these adaptive, space-saving home furnishings are appealing to even those of us who have plenty of room in our homes.

H/T: Kirsten Dirksen

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