The Lost Boys from Hook 25 Years Later

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Photograph by 22 VISION
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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hook, featuring the late Robin Williams, production company 22 Vision reunited the original Lost Boys cast for an unforgettable photo shoot.

In an exclusive with ET, producer and 22 Vision founder Brian Pocrass says it took him two years to get them all together. During filming, the young cast ranged from 6-17 years old and for many, it was their first-ever acting role.

You can see many more photos from the memorable photo shoot on 22 Vision’s Facebook page. You can also learn all about the reunion and the cast’s stories on ET. Astute readers may have noticed that Latch Boy, played by Alex Zuckerman is missing. He unfortunately was not interested in being part of the reunion.

22 Vision has also completed other amazing reunion photo shoots including The Little Rascals and School of Rock. To see more, visit their official website.

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