The Incredibly Disgusting Way Duct Tape Is Made

1. So you want to learn how duct tape is made?

2. No problem! Let’s go to the duct tape factory!

3. Hold on pal, these beautiful little silver rolls don’t just come out of nowhere. You gotta make the glue first.

4. First, toss these bigass slabs of rubber down a chute.

5. Then follow it up with resin nuggets into the shute as a chaser.

6. Now grind it all in a big old nasty mush.

7. Then the glue goes up a conveyor belt….

8. Oh my freaking god look what this looks like

9. Ahahahahahhaahhaha I’m freakin’ dying

10. Aaaahhh ok ok ok. Phew. Anyways. Now spin it out real thin onto sheets of plastic

11. Ok now put it with the grey backing

12. Ahhhh, look at that gorgeous nasty sticky sheet

13. Roll up each strip

14. Sliding down the assembly line…

15. LESSON: Duct Tape is weird and gross as hell.

16. Here’s the full video of how it’s made:

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