The Funniest Energy Drink Ads

1. From 2005, a quite racy ad for White Night energy drink. Note that the aliens are vagina beasts.

2. Another French ad for White Night.

3. From 2008, a wonderfully simple Red Bull ad via the country of Georgia.

4. From 2006, via France.

5. From 2003, via Denmark. Idea was stolen and later used for a funny cheese commercial.

6. Ad for Sol energy drink from 2008, via Colombia.

7. Via New Zealand. Ad won a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2008.

8. PissVertising from 2010, via Turkey.

9. “Tired?” New poster via Germany.

10. And we end this post with the best energy drink commercial ever produced. Bravo to O&M Brazil for turning the old buttered bread/cat Infinite Energy theory into an ad.

11. BONUS: Meet Barry, the best spokes-hero ever — German ad for Wildfire urban energy drink.

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