The Flash Mob Proposal Comes Full Circle With The Flash Mob Breakup (Video)

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This has got to be one of the worst, coldest breakups ever.

Inspired by the stereotypical aspects of the (seriously overdone) flash-mob proposal video, improv actress Sarah Sixt decided to create her own version.

All of the standard elements are there: cheesy choreography, snippets of dialogue and the surprised girlfriend excitedly realizing she’s about to be proposed to.

But Sixt’s video ends differently: Instead of culminating in said boyfriend popping the question, the video ends in a breakup. Oof.

According to the video description, it is intended as “a flash mob video for people who are sick of flash mob videos.”

Fair enough.

The breakup, luckily, was staged; no poor souls were actually emotionally harmed in the making of this video.

Regardless, it’s a hilarious, sassy stab at every tired flash-mob proposal video on the Internet, and for that, we’ve got to commend Sixt.

Few things are quite as satisfying as a healthy dose of cynicism.

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