‘The Five’s’ Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld mix it up over Ebola hysteria

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The dynamic of “The Five” was shaken up today as Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld went at it over Ebola and its dangers, known and unknown. In one corner was Bolling, who advised sending medical personnel overseas to treat victims, saying we don’t fully know the dangers. In the other corner was Gutfeld, who noted that Ebola’s dangers and methods of transmission are well known. Each had his backers.

Stop all the Hate of @ericbolling
Pro Ebola @greggutfeld
Why bring the Ebola patient to a major city rather than a remote local?

#TheFive— David Zamora (@za53051202) August 05, 2014


Bolling “It’s my opinion. This is a debate show."
.@greggutfeld to @ericbolling “Opinion needs to be based on facts”.
Bolling: “I’m done."— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) August 05, 2014

And backing Gutfeld (if not his manners) …

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