The Crowd Was Shocked When This Little Guy Walked Out, But He Soon Had Them On Their Feet

Meet DJ Arch Jr., he is one of South Africa’s hottest DJs and has a knack for driving crowds crazy with his beats. There’s one more thing you should know about Arch Jr., he just turned three years old. That’s right, this toddler has developed an incredible ear for music at such a young age that he has become a worldwide phenomenon after competing in South Africa’s Got Talent. 

DJ Arch Jr.’s audition was so successful that he earned the last golden buzzer of the competition, which means he can immediately advance to the next round. Arch Jr. first began gaining notoriety in early 2015 when a video of him performing on the street became a viral YouTube hit. Since then his fame has steadily increased and now he is ready to take his own place in the world of electronic music.

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