The Bible of Barbecue’s Words Become Flesh

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On Seinfeld, Kramer once imagined a coffee table book that became a coffee table. Now Tramontina has one-upped that vision with a book on barbecuing that you can use for barbecuing.

As the video above shows, the book is actually a barbecuing kit that includes charcoal (which you break into pieces from a page-sized slab), an apron, a fan, aluminum foil (for potatoes), a knife sharpener, a cutting board, salt, a placemat, a tray and a kitchen cloth.

Does this sound like the perfect Father’s Day gift? It is, but only if you live in Brazil, where only 2,000 copies will be available. It’s not for sale — yet — elsewhere. Yet if enough people evangelize the Bible of Barbecue, who knows?

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