The Best Commercial Ever Starring Tadpoles

It’s a new ad for Freeview UK, the free-to-air digital television service.

Here’s the press note:

Our latest ad stars two tadpoles from very different sides of the pond. After meeting for the first time and falling for each other, friends from their two clans burst into sight. In a kind of tadpole dance-off, the two groups try to outperform each other by showing off their most wonderful choreographed swimming sequences to ‘You Really Got me’ by The Kinks.
Finally, we realise that we’re not the only ones who have been watching this incredible action: a boy is peering into the water enjoying the show, with the Freeview blimp floating freely overhead. The awe and excitement on his face proves that entertainment really is better when it’s free.”

As a long-time fan of of the Kinks, I approve of this usage of their most famous song. Granted, we’re watching digital tadpoles, but that tempers my like of the ad only slightly.

Ad agency: Leo Burnett, London.

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