The back half of this dog lies down, the front half keeps running

This is Stella. Part of her wants to continue running, but her back legs have other plans…

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4 responses to “The back half of this dog lies down, the front half keeps running”

  1. heavenlyjane says:

    I think this dog has a neurological problem. Get him checked.

  2. Anyone says:

    It’s a form of epilepsy. I’m a dog groomer. I see it all the time. My aunt owns this breed and she says that lab’s are 150% more prone to epilepsy than any other creature on the planet. I went to the vet yesterday and showed her this video and she did not laugh, another indicator of epilepsy. The dog’s name is Stella, which is actually Italian for “seizure dog”, another sign of epilepsy. Its the blonde or “yellow” coat gene of this dog that causes the high rate of medulla eating amoebas which causes epilepsy. My own dog has never done this, and also does not have epilepsy. Coincidence? No.

  3. Max says:

    What a drag!

  4. turtlegirl784 says:

    Yes. This is not normal. I think she should be checked for EIC…

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