the amazing strength of an ant

19 responses to “the amazing strength of an ant”

  1. robertomas says:

    What is this?? An ant for normal people??

  2. NOhara24 says:

    *David Attenbrough voice* “He lifts, bro. He lifts indeed.”

  3. crueldark says:

    He must be a mexi-c-ANT


    Thanks Yu Wu

  5. Cthulhukitten says:

    Hold my beer.

  6. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    A Bug’s Strife

  7. ItAllStartedWithABadlyTimedBaldJoke says:

    Ant-i-gravity engaged!

  8. chosenwan says:

    Are you referencing the floating or the carrying?

  9. ddaakk says:

    Oh please, I can lift twice that!

  10. oranaise says:

    Y’all, we are in trouble. The ants are learning to bungee jump.

  11. javajim says:

    Work out.

  12. TardIsMyRoleModel says:

    bro, do you even lift?

  13. CommanderLiteral says:

    Minus the down-vote fairies and the spambots, sure…

  14. MeowSoHard says:

    “I’ve made a terrible mistake…” But seriously this hurts my head.

  15. wtturner83 says:

    strong not smart

  16. DragonEmperor18 says:

    Pssh, this is probably like lifting paper to them.

  17. IfIwasadragonwouldyourideme says:

    This almost makes me feel bad about burning them with a magnifying glass as a kid… and hosing apart their nest in my garden once… almost

  18. magicman89 says:


  19. loshea says:

    That’s not a rock, that’s his balls.

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