The 28 Best Error Pages On The Internet

1.’s 404 page:

2.’s error page:

(It goes on and on and on for a while. Click here to see the whole thing.)

3. Used by Zelda fans across the Internet:

4. Herman Cain’s (now defunct) 404 page:

6.’s former 404 page:

(The page was presumably changed because Justin found love. Good for you, Justin.)

8. This great animated 404 page from some Russian site:

(From No idea what they do, but they know their 404 pages.)

10. From

11. has a clever 404 page that lets you show missing people on your own 404 page:

12. College Humor’s error page is kinda a bummer:

13.’s is pretty cute:

14. IMDB’s changes each time you find a missing page:

15. Huffington Post’s:

16. Astuteo’s former 404 page:

(They’re a web design company out of Wisconsin. Their 404 page was recently changes to something way more boring.)


(Your dad will love this one.)

19. Left Logic’s is awesome. It lets you draw a 404, and see other users’ drawings:

(Go give it a try!)

20. has a pretty great video on their error page:

Here’s the video:

21. Blizzard Entertainment’s error page:

22. lets you decide the fate of one of their employees:

(Go give it a try.)

23. Videotron reminds us that our favorite animals are not real:

24. From designer Mark Dijkstra’s site:

25. shares the blame:

26. Aubin and Will’s former error page:

27.’s (sadly now defunct) error page:

28. Design agency 1Minus1’s 404 page:

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