The 23 Most Adorable Puppies Of 2013

23. These golden retriever puppies enjoying their first fall.

22. Lentil, the teensy French bulldog born with a cleft palate.

21. All of these puppies learning to howl for the first time.

20. T-Rex, the two-legged chiweenie who will melt your heart.

18. This napping puppy “melting” under his own adorable chub rolls.

17. This keeshond puppy battling a fierce dandelion.

16. The scottie puppy pinwheel.

15. This shiba inu puppy who’s basically an owl.

14. This golden retriever puppy who has the cutest case of hiccups in the history of the world.

13. This corgi puppy seeing a mirror for the first time.

12. These cuddly shar-pei puppies who are SO SQUISHABLE.

They went viral with the caption, “I, a big wrinkle, made all of these smaller wrinkles.”

11. This golden retriever puppy GETTING A BATH IN A SINK.

10. Olive the French bulldog puppy trying adorably to climb stairs.

9. This amazing pug puppy, who was a gift from a boyfriend to his girlfriend after her beloved beagle had to be put down.

8. Mick, the disabled puppy who learned to walk for the first time.


7. Rescue puppy Theo, who was baby Beau’s favorite nap buddy this year.



6. Duncan Lou Who, the inspiring boxer puppy born with only two legs!

5. Sunny Obama, the new White House puppy and Bo Obama’s new sister who arrived in August.

4. The chow puppy who got stuck in a bowl.


3. Xena the Warrior Puppy, who was rescued from abuse and is now changing the life of an 8-year-old boy with autism.

Read their touching story here.

2. This puppy learning (and failing at) how to catch.

Basically, all of us IRL:

1. These Frenchie puppies who took a nap with a baby and pretty much broke the internet.



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