The 10 Funniest Moments From The First Round Of The NFL Draft

1. Dontari Poe Got Romantic With Roger Goodell

Dontari: I didn’t expect to feel this way…
Roger: Dontari?
Dontari: It’s the hair. It’s so… Red. I can’t help myself.

2. The Browns Drafted Brandon Weeden, The Oldest Player Ever Drafted

He’s 28.

3. AdaRn Schefter Made His Triumphant Return

Twitter’s favorite ESPN-imitating troll was back giving fake news. His mayhem wasn’t as wide spread as the last time, but both Jets and Browns fans freaked out for a second, which is pretty cruel really. Do those two fan bases really need more pain?

4. Twitter Discovered That Ryan Tannehill’s Wife Is Very Attractive

Sample Tweet: “If that’s Tannehill’s wife, he is best decision maker in the draft. Andrew who? RG what? Wow.” – The very funny and informative @rivalsmike.

Read more Tannehill wife tweets here.

5. Melvin Ingram And Roger Goodell Had An Awesome Handshake

But then Chevy Chase paid them to teach him how to do it and they both felt like whores. It was surprisingly sad.

6. Andrew Luck Became The Really Goofy Face Of The Indianapolis Colts

7. No Seriously, He Was Really Goofy

(Reuters Pictures)

8. Like “Asked His Older Sister’s Best Friend To Prom” Goofy

(Reuters Pictures)

9. Like Calls Roger Goodell “Rog” Goofy

(Reuters Pictures)

10. Like “The Living Embodiment Of The ‘40 Year Old Virgin’ Poster” Goofy

(Reuters Pictures)

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