The 10 Best Musical Performances On “The Golden Girls”

10. “Mr. Sandman” from “Not Another Monday”

This one’s just sweet — it’s so nice to hear the three of them harmonizing. But the best is when Dorothy jumps in with her naturally low voice. Hilarious, and it adds depth.

9. “Gonna Stuff a Chicken” from “One for the Money”

It’s catchy, but it’s also a work song. The whole thing is pretty bizarre. On the other hand, Rose’s “down to Mississippi!” kills me every time. One of the show’s very best deliveries.

8. “Over There” from “Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom”

Another song that’s equal parts moving and funny. The sight of Blanche nervously going off to surgery is perfectly countered by the old man saluting.

7. “I Wanna Be Loved By You” from “Journey to the Center of Attention”

Terrible? Yes. But so very Blanche. You have to love how hard she tries to get it right — and be sexy — and how miserably she fails. Especially after Dorothy’s much better performance.

6. “Hard-Hearted Hannah” from “Journey to the Center of Attention”

More Bea Arthur awesomeness. Unfortunately, we only get a sampling of the song, and it happens over the end credits. Otherwise this would be higher on the list.

5. “Thanks for the Medicare” from “Letter to Gorbachev”

The other ladies might hate it, but Sophia’s song parody is actually pretty great. Clever lyrics that work well with the familiar music. She’s like an old Sicilian Weird Al.

4. “I Got You Babe” from “An Illegitimate Concern”

Bea Arthur is Cher. How did we never see this before? This is just so on-point. All of the talent show awards to Dorothy and Sophia.

3. “What’ll I Do” from “Journey to the Center of Attention”

Bea Arthur was a wonderful Broadway performer, as showcased in her charming rendition of “What’ll I Do.” She starts out tentative, but by the end, she’s a diva. It’s perfect.

2. “Miami” from “Big Daddy’s Little Lady”

This is the quintessential Golden Girls song: it’s a fun original number that incorporates all four of the leading ladies. It’s also probably the series’ most iconic song outside of “Thank You For Being a Friend.”

1. “The Sky Is Falling” from “Henny Penny — Straight, No Chaser”

The very best. Everything about this performance is wonderful, from the special appearance by George Hearn to Dorothy’s flawless “Help, the outlook is drear.” I would pay good money to see this musical.

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