Test Drive an Audi With an iPad

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Audi recently offered fans at the Royal Bank Plaza in downtown Toronto the chance to get behind the wheel for a one-of-a-kind quattro experience on a slot car test track.

The company commissioned track builders from Slot Mods USA to handcraft the course and made Audi A4 slot cars from scratch. An industrial laser scanner was used to generate the digital outline, then body shells were created on a 3D printer and paired with separately sourced four-wheel-drive slot car chassis.

To showcase how the Audi quattro could stay on the road, special care was taken to keep the cars on the track, with hours spent testing and custom tuning the traction magnets on each vehicle. Adapted mini spy cameras were placed inside the car to wirelessly transmit a live stream so people could feel as if they were driving the cars and seeing the road from the vantage point of a real driver.

A custom iPad app was developed to control the cars, with drivers using a digital thumb control interface to regulate acceleration and deceleration. You can check out some in-car footage from the slot car track in the video above.

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