Tesla Has Developed A Self-Driving Option In Their Cars And It’s Awesome

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You’ve probably heard of self-driving cars, however, the high-tech vehicles are still in the testing stage. But what Elon Musk’s new Tesla models can do is entirely real and 100% awesome.

Musk has been at the forefront of many business ventures that are designed to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible, but his next update to the motor-vehicle world will absolutely shock you.

Tesla cars are now being equipped with autopilot options that allow the driver to take their hands off the wheel and pedals. The car will drive itself.

Don’t believe us? Watch as Alex from Car Throttle tests out Tesla’s autopilot mode on the highway.

The system isn’t perfect yet, for instance, the roadways need to be clearly marked, otherwise the car can’t detect the lanes.

Additionally, you can’t (read: shouldn’t) rely on the technology wholeheartedly. After a few minutes, the car will prompt you to touch the wheel in some manner to make sure you are still awake/alive.

The hope is to have this technology in all Tesla cars in the near future, but currently, it is only available in the Model S and the Model X.

It’s an important and amazing look into the future of driving, and I’m sure many people can’t wait for it to be perfected so we can all nap while on our way to grandma’s house.

Speaking of grandmothers, not everyone is quite…prepared for the technology to take over just yet.

(via Wired)

This type of technology is incredible and could change driving for good. At the very least, it’ll allow us to do this more safely…

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