Tattoo Artist Has A Specially Designed Prosthetic Arm Just For Inking People

Tattooing has become massively mainstream. Back in the day having a tiny shamrock on your ankle seemed to be considered daring. Now you see people getting full sleeves like its no big thing.

While tattoos have become more popular, the skill level of the tattoo artist has also greatly increased. Some of the designs you see nowadays are mind blowing! You can see why the temptation is so strong to get inked up when you have such talented artists out there who are able to create beautiful images.

Technology has also improved when it comes tattooing. Here’s a tattoo artist who uses a prosthetic arm for tattooing! And what he creates is indeed mind blowing!

JC Sheitan Tenet is the tattoo artist who received the prosthetic from a French artist named JL Gonzal. An existing arm prosthesis was used as the base of this creation.

Metal pieces and bits were added by Gonzal, as the arm was turned into a tattoo machine. Tenets ink needle became an extension of his arm. Pretty amazing!

He uses the new setup flawlessly and his work is indeed superb! Share this with all of your tattoo loving friends and family!

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