Tara the Hero Cat ‘Throws’ Out First Pitch

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Tara the Hero Cat is a feline of many talents. Unfortunately, baseball isn’t one of them.

California’s Bakersfield Blaze invited Tara to throw out the first pitch on Tuesday night after a video of her saving a young boy from a vicious dog attack went viral last week.

The media hit the minor league baseball field in full force, and cameras rolled as Tara attempted to toss out a pitch as the boy she saved sat close by. Cats don’t exactly throw like A-Rod, so she sort of swatted at a ball on a string three times before her owner, Roger Triantafilo, admitted defeat and tossed out a real ball instead.

Tara blamed her bad toss on humans. Typical cat.

It seems like a good time for her to take a much-deserved cat nap.

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