Take the Driver’s Seat in Miranda Lambert’s Interactive Music Video

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Sony Music Nashville is going all out for Miranda Lambert’s latest single, “Fastest Girl in Town,” with an interactive music video and integrated digital campaign.

The video features Lambert and Nascar star Danica Patrick engaging in some high-speed hijinks in a stolen car. In the interactive version of the video — which was developed by Interlude — fans can control the camera angles during the pivotal chase scenes, offering up a wholly unique experience.

A classically-styled movie poster of Lambert and Patrick is a common theme throughout the video and the broader campaign. By clicking on movie posters hidden within the interactive video, fans can unlock additional content — including behind-the-scenes videos — and enter contests to win items featured in the video itself.

Fans can also customize their own version of the movie poster in the video using a specially designed Facebook app.

Creating a Second Screen Video Experience

The interactive video is just the start of Sony Nashville’s broader digital campaign for “Fastest Girl in Town.”

Users who download Miranda Lambert’s mobile app for iOS [iTunes link] or Android [Google Play link] can take advantage of a second-screen experience in the VEVO version of “Fastest Girl in Town.”

When users load up the app while watching the video on VEVO, they are treated to a second-screen experience. At specific moments in the video, new information pops up in the app, offering a complimentary app experience. This includes behind-the-scenes videos, the ability to enter contests and more.

We’ve seen mobile integration with music videos before — usually using Shazam — but what makes this technology interesting is not only the broader set of content types, but the way that it is used.

Lambert’s official app was built on the popular Mobile Roadie platform. Like all Mobile Roadie apps, it gives fans access to Miranda’s social streams, photos, links to music videos and music, as well as tour dates and other information.

Because Mobile Roadie is extensible, the app can plug into a different set of technology powered by Sonic Notify. Sonic Notify is a startup that delivers content to mobile devices using imperceptible audio signals. Think of it as a QR code for audio.

By putting the Sonic Notify audio signal into the audio track on the VEVO player, the app can deliver the customized content at the right time. And because Sonic Notify is now built into the app — if Lambert wants to employ the technology in future videos — or at a concert — users with the app can continue to get content updates.

Country Goes Digital

Although the music industry is finally coming around and doing more to embrace social and digital, it’s still rare to see campaigns this expansive. It’s even more rare in the context of country music — which has been slower to adopt social and digital trends than some other genres such as hip-hop and pop.

The campaign for “Fastest Girl in Town” was developed by Copeland Isaacson who does digital marketing at Sony Music Nashville.

Isaacson championed the idea of making the video more interactive — taking cues from the success we’ve seen with bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers — and working on integrating technology at the mobile level.

Isaacson told me that the goal wasn’t just to craft a campaign that “set the bar for other country artists, but for music in general.” His willingness to experiment in a space that often sees little experimentation is laudable.

What do you think of this digital campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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