Take A Guess What’s Inside This Rock Structure. You’ll Probably Be Wrong… It’s That Awesome.

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The architects at Ensamble Studio are the bright minds behind this unique vacation home in Spain. … but not the only minds. They created this tiny home to be rustic, but modern, from the ground up. It was important to choose the right location, building materials and hay for this project. That’s right. Hay. The hay was for Paulina the cow, an incredibly important collaborator for this architectural achievement.

Hay bales were stacked together and then covered in concrete.

The mass was buried in soil and allowed to harden.

Once cured, the shape was exhumed and sliced open.

That’s when Paulina the cow’s natural talents really shone.

Paulina was then allowed to eat away at all of the hay on the inside of the structure.

It took her about a year to clear out the hay.

The resulting space was incredibly unique and cozy.

It was definitely worth the wait.

Who knew that bovines could have such a good eye for architecture?

Source: Ensamble Studio via Ignant.de To learn more about Paulina’s incredible creation (with the help of Ensamble Studio), watch the video below.

Not many people put the idea of “cows” and “architecture” together very often. When those thoughts do come together, though, it can have an amazing result. Share this awesome vacation home, thanks to a creative cow and architectural firm, with others.

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