SWAT Team Dresses As Superheroes And Takes Over Children’s Hospital (Video)

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It’s not Halloween without a few superheroes, especially if you’re too sick to trick-or-treat.

Popular photographs of window washers in costume visiting hospitals inspired this police SWAT team in Toledo, Ohio.

The skilled fighters visited the city’s children’s hospital the day before Halloween. But, this wasn’t just any trip.

Just as the children sat down to a pre-recorded “news” report explaining a devious plot to stop Halloween from happening, the squad arrived in full superhero and cartoon regalia. Even Spider-Man and Captain America made an appearance.

The superhero team had been called in to fight Toledo’s very own villain, a genius called Dr. Trickster.

They scaled the building, lowering themselves to the ground to stage a fight with and arrest the supervillain.

Wolverine, sometimes known as Matt Slaman, told a local news team,

To see all the kids … as you’re going down the floor — all those people in their rooms — you can see their faces light up. So, you’re really seeing you’re bringing some joy in their life.

When the battle was won, the children had the chance to meet their favorite characters.


The superheroes took pictures and gave hugs to their most devoted fans.


It looks like both the kids and the SWAT team had a wonderful day together.

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