Surgeons Perform Open Heart Surgery Under Cell Phone Light During Black Out (Video)

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When the lights went out in a Kyrgyzstan hospital, doctors refused to give up on their patient.

Recently, state-run Zhalal-Abad clinic head Kaldarbek Abdramanov posted a clip to his Facebook page of an unbelievable heart surgery performed by the light of cell phones.

The patient was dying of heart disease, and the power shut off in the middle of his surgery.

The team worked diligently to treat 54-year-old Tagir Karabayev.

Kyrgyzstan’s power is primarily hydroelectric. Because it’s difficult to come by in dry seasons, the government regulates electricity usage. The undependable power source presents a real problem for surgeons and doctors.

Abdramanov explained to his followers that he’s faced with a difficult choice: to endanger the patient by waiting until the power resumes or to perform a potentially unsafe procedure with makeshift lights.

The doctor expresses frustration with conditions in his country, wondering “how long to wait” before his clinic can resume treating patients safely.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long as residents are planning to raise money and buy the clinic a much-needed power generator.

H/T: Daily Mail

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