‘Sum Ting Wong’: Local news channel reporting on Asiana crash gets punk’d [video]

We have a feeling San Francisco’s KTVU is gonna be haunted by this one for a quite a while:

One word: Painful.




Interestingly, the four names read by the KTVU anchor appeared in a tweet this past Wednesday:

Asiana just released the crew's names…
Capt. Sum Ting Wong
Capt. Wi Tu Lo
First Officer Ho Lee Fuk
First Officer Bang Ding Ow— Erikalonglegs&clutsy (@LongLegsNoGrace) July 11, 2013

KTVU has since apologized:


The NTSB released a statement blaming a summer intern for confirming the names KTVU read on air.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/07/12/sum-ting-wong-local-news-channel-reporting-on-asiana-crash-gets-punkd-hard-video/

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