Such Win: Doge Is The 2014 Meme Of The Year

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It was a tight race…for about 3 minutes. The BuzzFeed community cast thousands of votes and Doge claimed the Meme of the Year title in a landslide, making history as the first non-cat meme to do so.

Wow. So Gratitude.

Following a week of frenzied public voting, the coveted title of Webby Meme of the Year is hereby awarded to none other than Doge, the Shiba Inu whose raised eyebrows, dashing fashion, and very questionable grammar took the Internet by storm. Well-deserved.

Doge, an honored guest at last night’s 18th Annual Webby Awards, joins an illustrious group of past winners including Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat. Doge is the first non-feline to win the award, and beat out a fierce group of competitors including Hot Dog Legs, #thiscouldbeusbutyouplayin, Twerking, and Pharrell’s hat.

Watch the Webby Awards on YouTube to see the rest of the evening’s highlights.

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