Student Suspended For Carrying Asthmatic Classmate To Nurse

Anthony Ruelas broke the rules, but sometimes that’s what it takes to save a life. If someone rescues another person from danger, it’s safe to assume that they will receive recognition for their good deed, a pat on the back at the very least – something that says “thank you” for what they just did. When 15-year-old Anthony noticed his classmate was having an asthma attack that could turn fatal, he disobeyed his teacher’s orders and rushed her to the nurse’s office without a moment’s hesitation. But, instead of thanking him, the school responded in a way that shocked everyone: suspension.

Anthony’s mother will be the first to tell you that her son is far from perfect, but even she thinks his punishment was uncalled for. “He may not follow instructions all the time, but he does have a great heart,” she told reporters. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a school that isn’t willing to bend the rules under special circumstances. Take, for example, this school that refused to acknowledge an educational family trip as an excused absence. 

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the school’s decision to suspend Anthony, there’s no denying that he was acting with a clear heart and good intentions. And so was his teacher. Public school teachers are trained to report the situation and keep the body in place until proper help arrives. Unfortunately, we’ll never know which course of action was the correct one in this situation. The asthmatic student might have been fine for another hour or two, but then again … maybe not. In years past, asthma has been responsible for thousands of deaths in the U.S., so we understand why Anthony felt like he needed to act fast. Does this mean that everyone should start running around trying to be a hero? No. Does this mean the most helpful thing to do is always within the rules and guidelines? We’ll let you decide that for yourself.

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