Steve Harvey Apologizes To His Children After Witnessing This 4-Year-Old Piano Prodigy

It’s a fine line between amazement and shame, isn’t it? It really depends on how easily jealous we get. Or is it easily disheartened? Either way, not all of us can claim to be amazing at anything. Even fewer can claim to have truly mastered something. When you find yourself face to face with a young prodigy, it’s easy to let yourself succumb to these negative emotions and feelings.

Steve Harvey found himself in such a position, when he invited a young man by the name of Evan onto his show, Little Big Shots. While all the kids who come this show are talented, Evan kind of dismantles the notion of “pretty good, for a kid.” He’s only been at the piano for a little while, but already is making most lifelong learners of the instrument do a double take.

It’s hard to imagine just how good this kid will get if he sticks with this instrument. He might well end up the next Mozart, Elton John, or Ben Folds.

No matter what, we’re sure this kid is going to own whatever he does.

H/T: Little Big Shots

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