Son Pays Off Parents’ Mortgage For Best Christmas Present Ever (Video)

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As we get older, our ideal holiday presents become less about material objects and more about necessity. For example, having our bills paid by a magical finance fairy becomes far more appealing than receiving a fancy tie or an expensive necklace.

One son understands this truth, and for the holidays, skipped out on buying his parents presents. Instead, he paid off their mortgage.

Their reaction is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see: Both of the man’s older parents burst into tears, obviously immensely grateful to be relieved of such a heavy financial burden. It’s probably the best gift anyone could give another person — and we’re completely touched and moved by this son’s generosity.

#LifeGoals, guys. Check this out, and try not to cry as you remember all of the bills you still have to pay on a monthly basis.


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