Some Student Pranksters Made Spencer Matthews Think He Had An STI

1. Remember that time someone tweeted a picture of Spencer Matthews’ willy? This is even funnier.

Getty / Tim P. Whitby


Posing as a “Dr. Imran calling from the John Hunter Clinic for Sexual Health”, a student from Sussex managed to convince Spenny that he’d contracted “Donovanosis… a disease found in sub-tropical areas.”

2. And poor Spenny totally fell for it. First they asked him whether it hurt when he pees.

Via Getty / Stuart C. Wilson

3. Then they asked him about any unusual smells.

Getty / Miles Willis

4. And then they made Spencer examine his scrotum.

Getty / Ben A. Pruchnie

5. Finally they asked Spencer whether he’d had a PBW in the last couple of weeks.

That’s a poky bum wank, FYI.

And Spencer cracked up.

Just. Too. Good.

6. Here’s the full video.

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