Some Creepy Dudes Said Some Creepy Things To This Scientist. So She Is Addressing Them In Public.

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DISCLOSURE: I’m a dude on the Internets. As a dude on the Internets, I’ve always taken for granted how easy I have it, being a dude. My female co-workers at Upworthy constantly get creepy messages that go far beyond the messages I get from strangers. They have it much harder than I do simply because of their gender.

Emily Graslie, the host, writer, and producer of “The Brain Scoop”, a science news and education show, has had enough of it. So she’s reading comments on air. And explaining what women have to go through. And how we can help. So hear her out. She remains far calmer than I would.

At 2:26, she starts sharing all the really awful comments she gets on a regular basis.

If you are anti-creepy-sexist-comments, you could help her make people aware of it by sharing this. You could also Like “The Brain Scoop” on Facebook. Totally up to you though.

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