‘Social Experiment’ Sees How People React To Children Being Abused (Video)

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We can all agree child abuse should be stopped.

But, a recent social experiment video from YouTube pranksters OckTV entitled “Child Abuse Between Races!!” isn’t helping the cause.

In the clip, a white, heterosexual family starts hitting their child in Manhattan’s Union Square. Many rush to help the child and tell off the parents, concerned for the young boy’s welfare.

Then, the video cuts to a primarily black area, where a black family reenacts the same abusive scenario without any interruption.

OckTV flashes a few statistics about child abuse, and that’s the end.

The members of the video team, who are a little too glib about pointing fingers, seem to have no understanding of how an experiment actually works.

Instead of repeating the experiment with families of different races and orientations in the same location, they move across the city.

And there’s no logical conclusion to the video.

What message should viewers take away? The black community doesn’t care about child abuse?

A September 2014 study revealed poverty, not racial bias, is often to blame for more minority children experiencing abuse.

A true “social experiment” should add value to the community and start a discussion, not simply mislead.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/social-experiment-react-child-abuse-video/901345/

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