Skyhook’s New SDK Reduces Battery Consumption for Location Apps

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Mobile location technology provider Skyhook has released a new version of its mobile SDK, 4.6. It brings “Always-On” location capabilities, meaning developers can now use persistent background location tracking in their mobile apps.

This feature, Skyhook claims, allows apps to check user location as often as every 30 seconds, with “little or no noticeable impact on the device’s battery life.”

The new version of the SDK also has an airplane-tracking feature, allowing apps to detect user location as high as 40,000 feet in the air.

Skyhook currently supports Android as well as Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Some of the apps using the SDK are MapQuest, Kayak and Glimpse.

Find more info about Skyhook’s location technology and download the Skyhook SDK here.

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