She took a photo in a bikini, then her boyfriend looked at her leg and saw her painful secret…

Meet Meagan Barnard, a young teenage girl who, unfortunately, developed a condition known as lymphedema.

Basically, her condition caused swelling in her right leg thanks to the accumulation of liquid; at any point in time her right leg could be holding up to five pints of additional fluids, could you imagine what that would do to a little girl’s self-esteem? She continually got bullied at school to the point where she began just keeping it hidden. Her leg was twice it’s normal size by the time she was 24, but even still. She hid it even from her boyfriend, who was none the wiser thanks to some very clever tricks, but eventually she just… got tired of it. She participated in her first ever professional photoshoot this year, coming out with her condition once and for all.

In the end she decided to become a professional model, hoping to steer other girls towards the same body-positive outlook she holds for herself, and she is killing it!

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