She Gets Out A Jar Of Vicks, But Doesn’t Have A Cold – These Ideas Are Brilliant

While you may have used Vicks VapoRub for that stubborn chest cold and cough, it turns out there are many more uses other than just rubbing this stuff on your chest. Check out these surprisingly uncommon uses for Vicks VapoRub.

Soothe Achy Muscles

You get out of the gym and your muscles are taxed, and extremely sore. Post workout muscle soreness is common and it can even kick in the following day or two after a training session. A thin layer of VapoRub on the skin where your muscles are aching, while covering the area with a warm towel can work great for pain relief.

Keep Pets In Their Places

If you have a pet that is getting into things they shouldnt or doing their business where they shouldn’t, then Vicks VapoRub to the rescue! Wherever you want to not allow your pet to go, simply open up a jar in that room or that area of the house. The powerful stench tells them to stay away. You can use it for dogs and even cats where you can actually spread a layer of the stuff on windowsills or tables you dont want them hanging out on.

Splinters & Cuts Quickly

You know how Neosporin works for cuts? VapoRub can also do the trick as it speeds up the healing process while fending off infection and germs. Obviously larger wounds should always be given the proper medical attention.

Stop Headaches In Their Tracks

Headaches are common and can be brought upon suddenly by stresses or loud noises. Spread a little VapoRub under your nose when the headache hits. The menthol can do wonders to clear up your headache.

Fix Dry, Cracked Heels

Hydrating the skin is important especially during cold winter months when cracking and dryness can easily occur to our heels and hands. Put a layer of VapoRub on a few times a day, layer with socks and bandages and the cracks should eventually heal.

Break Up Bruises

A pinch of salt with VapoRub is a great combo for spreading on a bruise as it breaks it up and allows for speedy healing to occur.

Protect Against Bugs

Spare yourself those nasty bug spray repellents and instead throw on some thin layers of VapoRub. This will keep exposed skin mosquito and bug free. This comes in handy whether you are at the beach at night, camping, or simply hanging out in your backyard in the evening. It also can soothe the bites you already have.

Heres more uses for Vicks VapoRub:

VapoRub Isn’t Just For Coughs Anymore!

Amazing how this product can do so much beyond just treating the common cold! You can also use it for cuts and bruises, not to mention as a way to keep pets out of certain areas of the house!

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