She Gets In This Unusual Yoga Position, But Can She Even Get Out After?

Yoga is one of those things thatll just never go away, though its not like theres many people out there wishing it would.

Theres many different aspects to what exactly yoga is that your average non-practitioner wont know about, but the most basic is the stretching; so when you actually get a glimpse at some of the less mainstream poses you can really get a deeper respect for how flexible some people actually are!

In this video Kino MacGregor shows you a pose called the Yoga Nidrasana, a pose that looks like itll end up ripping more pants than anything! The only other thing I could see this doing for me is dislocating my hips and possibly my knees out of socket even though she makes it look as easy as one-two-three. Just remember that poses like these arent meant for beginners and you wont have to worry about things like that!

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