Second ‘Super Moon’ Of The Summer On August 10

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Did you know that there is a hat trick of perigee moons this summer? That is, in July, August, and September, the full moon will coincide with the lunar orbit’s closest point to the Earth. This will make the moon look about ever-so-slightly bigger and brighter, causing the event to be nicknamed “super-moon.” 

A perigee moon is roughly 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons. While that sounds huge, it’s not an appreciable difference from our vantage point. Check out the side-by-side comparison in the header image if you’re not convinced. 

However, the perigee moon in August is a bit unique. The point when the moon is fullest will happen within an hour of it being at its absolute closest point. Does that make it a Super Duper Moon? Extra Super Moon? Super Special Moon? 

The folks at Slooh have decided to call the event a Mega Moon, and they will be doing a live broadcast beginning at 7:30 pm EDT on Sunday, August 10. The broadcast will feature commentary from astronomer Bob Berman and engineer Paul Cox. Use #SloohMegaMoon on social media to join in the conversation. If you won’t be able to head outside and check out the moon for yourself, you can tune in right here:

NOTE: Look, even if the perigee moon isn’t some outrageously spectacular event, looking up at the night sky is a phenomenal habit to start. Check out IFLScience’s list of major skywatching events happening this year and remember to keep looking up!

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