Russell Simmons Tackles Voter Suppression in Digital Short

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Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons stars in a new digital short for “Battle For Your Ballot,” a non-partisan grassroots movement raising awareness about voter suppression.

The video is the first in a series of PSA-style YouTube clips from The BRPR Group. The movement’s website,, will house the videos, inform viewers about their voting rights and let people report voter irregularities by submitting audio, videos or photos.

“We want to utilize the followings of celebrities and high-profile individuals with fans who are most effected by voter suppression tactics — younger voters and minority voters,” BRPR Group’s agency director Christopher Renz tells Mashable. He says the next figures in the movement will be a politician and Hispanic celebrity.

The website also details state-by-state information for voters, including rights as an employee on Election Day and a list of necessary documents to bring to the polls.

“This is not about a red or a blue state, Republican or Democrat,” says Gerard Bush, co-founder and chief creative director of The BRPR Group, who also has a prominent role in the video. “It’s actually not partisan at all; it is about the most valued right of every American citizen to have our voices heard at the ballot box.”

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