Ron Paul Delegates Promise To Behave

The Massachusetts Liberty Caucus put out a “Message to the Massachusetts GOP” today as a response to the recent conflict at the state Republican convention.

“There are rumors that some delegates in Massachusetts are going to cause problems at the convention,” one man says.

One after another, the people in the video say that they “oppose any and all legal action to unbind delegates,” a reference to the affidavits that Ron Paul delegates at the Massachusetts convention were pressured to sign, promising they would vote for Mitt Romney.

“I am a Republican,” they say. “Let’s work together.”

One woman says that Ron Paul “inspired her to be civil,” followed by a man who says that Paul spurred him to “follow the rules.”

Establishment Republicans have worried that Paul delegates will cause trouble at the national convention, a charge the Paul campaign has tried to combat. The Massachusetts video, with its pensive air, looks to smooth over the rough image Paul supporters have developed.

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