Rise Alarm Clock App Makes Waking Up Pleasant

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This beautifully designed iPhone alarm clock app will change your mornings. The minimalist Rise Alarm Clock [iTunes link] for iPhone by Simple Bots is a refreshing way to wake up.

The unique alarm clock is intelligently intuitive. Fresh out of slumber, you won’t have to rummage around for the right button to shut off the harsh tones. A simple swipe and pull will turn off the alarm. Click once to give yourself another five minutes of blissful sleep.

Before going to bed, simply move your finger up and down to set a time to get up the next morning. Turn the alarm on or off by swiping the iPhone screen. There are also settings to change to ring tone. On the app, you can also make a playlist from iTunes to lure the Sandman in.

The Rise Alarm Clock is $1.99 in the Apple App Store [iTunes link].

Image courtesy of Flickr, Maga Soto

rise alarm clock

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