Reminder: Lady Gaga Has One Of The Best Voices In Music

1. Lady Gaga is noise. She’s become one big distraction, stunt-queening 24/7.


2. Whether she’s dressed like a bowl of fettuccine Alfredo,


3. looking like a literal nightmare,


4. wearing a Christmas tree on her head,


5. or I have no idea.


6. It’s all NOISE masking the fact that she’s actually incredibly talented.

7. In the past few months, she’s done some incredible acoustic renditions of her songs, like “Applause”:

8. “Gyspy”:

9. “Do What U Want”:

10. And an old classic, “Poker Face”:

So yeah, she’s still pretty fucking good if you look beyond the noise and chicken nugget face masks. Thank you for your time. Bye!

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