RC Planes Cleverly Designed To Look Like Witches And Wizards Flying On Broomsticks

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Expert remote-controlled airplane craftsman Otto Dieffenbach from Flyguy Promotions has created a pair of RC planes that look like witches and warlocks flying on broomsticks just in time for Halloween. They may look strange in his hands, but once they take flight, the illusion is complete, and you almost expect them to raise a hand and wave (or turn you into a frog). [Read more…]

Dieffenbach came up with the idea to build flying witch and warlock models after being approached by a British TV organization, taking the opportunity to improve on the first models that he had built in 2012. He posted a detailed account of how he designed and built the unique planes on the forums at rcgroups.com.

For those who want to scare or amaze their neighbors with flying witches and warlocks, cutouts of Dieffenbach’s designs are available at the Hoosier Cutout Service.

Source: rcgroups.com


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