Put spiders outside.

10 responses to “Put spiders outside.”

  1. Berym says:


  2. CiriusTrio says:

    Now I’m afraid to sleep. Wait…it’s morning…so thanks for waking me up, Imgur.

  3. JeffDahmer says:

    Great, now I gotta do that stupid little hop-skip thing when I get out of bed today…

  4. spacemosphere says:

    No. Put them dead.

  5. AlwaysAcingEverything says:

    I decided to take a look under my bed and all I saw was my cat.

  6. baconfingers says:

    No problem, Spidog here to help: http://i.imgur.com/ROGqjl1.jpg?1

  7. StefanTehSpriter says:

    “I tell you once I tell you twice, big spider is good for economy, Natalia”

  8. flmhdpsycho says:

    OP, you mispelled “kill it with fire”

  9. eskatab says:

    I’m stealing this gif. Just fyi

  10. Torchwood says:

    Spot the downvote.

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