Pregnant Homeless Mom Begs In Shopping Center The Does THIS. Makes Me Furious.

It takes a lot of courage to be down on your luck enough to panhandle, and anyone exclaiming otherwise has never felt like they’ve had no other option before.

Of course there’s other options, but at the time it can be impossible for those people to realize it. With that being said, there’s something seriously wrong with people who feel it’s acceptable to go out and beg for money when they’re perfectly capable of performing and are aware of those options. Thanks to the curiosity of one Californian woman, an effective scheme played out by a very lazy couple got discovered.

This woman and her son would sit out on the corner of a popular shopping center every weekend to panhandle. Each time raking in plenty of cash, apparently even enough to afford a Mercedes Benz! If you haven’t gotten your daily dose of “some people suck”, this video has you covered.

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