Pitbull leaps for a tree branch, whips itself around, refuses to let go

At some point this dog is going to have to admit that the tree is stronger than it is…but not yet…

(via Gawker)

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10 responses to “Pitbull leaps for a tree branch, whips itself around, refuses to let go”

  1. Riley says:

    ag: You’re an idiot. Anyone with two good eyes and half a brain (heck, even one good eye will work) can see that this dog is having a ball trying to get that branch down. No one forced him to jump up there and grab onto it, and certainly no one is making him stay up there. This is simply a dog having fun.

  2. stevo says:

    If u really owned a pit u would know this dog is having a blast no one forced it to do what its doing, the noises are those of Its determination. simply its playing learn about the breed and ull find they are one of the smartest most determined breeds that make great companions…pits4life…don’t open ur mouth tell u know what ur talking about.

  3. Riley says:

    I’ll second this. I have a short tale of two Rotts (Rottweiler for those that don’t know) The first was a terrible dog, a menace to the neighborhood, scared all the kids, and would agressively bark and snarl at anyone passing within 100m of him. His owner encouraged it. When this particular Rott attacked my neighbors golden and nearly killed it, people had had enough. The police didn’t do much surprisingly, so when his house got egged and toilet papered and dog shit put under the handles of his car doors, he still didn’t get the clue. Sadly, (not really) the dog “mysteriously” died one night…The other Rott was the best dog anyone could ever possibly imagine. He was protective and had a snarl that would make your hair stand on end, but he would also lay between the fireplace and where the kids were playing to keep them safe from the fire, and would patiently endure a two year old grabbing fistfuls of fur when he was learning to walk and stand. He also once carried a baby in his teeth after it had wandered a little too far.Blame the owner, not the breed.

  4. Dillon says:

    Oh my goodness ag, you’re sooooo right. Now tree huggers everywhere will hate pit bulls because of you 22 words!!!!! Why oh why would you put this obvious video of animal cruelty up as a joke!?! I just can’t stand it when pit bull owners teach there dogs to jump up an clamp onto branches in a playful manner!!! Don’t worry folks, this isn’t typical at all. They’re raised like this! If you can’t tell yet I’m making fun of you for bein “that guy” that gets offended over the most trivial things.

  5. ag says:

    Actually, stevo I do have a pit. But I don’t have a pit to show off her “lockjaw” ability. I have a pit because she is sweet and calm and would do anything to please her people. The dog in this video did not know he was going to get stuck hanging in the air. All dogs have an innate fear of heights (an aversion, like cats to water). Yes, the dog was likely playing when he jumped up but then he got himself in a predicament when he realized he couldn’t get down. His wonderful owner decided to video him in his time of need rather than help him. The dog likely started jumping up at the tree because he saw it made the owner happy. Oh and by the way, I didn’t open my mouth…I moved my fingers.

  6. Pete says:

    Blame the owners not the breed.

  7. MKPNG says:

    Actually this would be an incredible study on the determination of this breed of dog. The only reason I see, from this video alone, to say that the dog is in mental anguish is that he is in a shirt. Not right for any dog to be in a striped getup like that… 😉

  8. Corban says:

    I wish my jaw and neck were that strong.

  9. Phoebe says:

    It’s this animal’s determined lockjaw and strength that is so admirable, but so scary at the same time. Don’t fool yourself that this is a “misunderstood breed.” My father, a UPS driver, was once attacked and severely injured by pit bulls that were not contained properly. If they got his neck he could have died. Thank God for protecting him, and credit to my dad’s own determination and stubbornness (with which I have personal experience) in fighting them off.

  10. ag says:

    This is not funny. Clearly the dog is in mental anguish. Please take it down there is enough bad (and false) press about pit bulls.

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