Pig Maher: ‘Tea people’ are incestuous xenophobes


Less than a day after blasting “stupid” religious people, bilious Bill Maher has crawled out of the muck to spew his filth yet again.

Pig Maher’s sycophants blindly chimed in:

@billmaher The Attic Bat TeaFux R back calling Obama foreign b/c the #GOP & #TeaBaggers need a deterrent to hide #Mitt's Offshore Tax Scams

— U.R.BrainWashed (@brainwashedur) July 18, 2012

@Nicholdowner @billmaher They have sex with their whole sisters, not half sisters. We're talking about real inbreds here! ๐Ÿ˜›

— Nichol Downer (@Nicholdowner) July 18, 2012

@billmaher THANK YOU. THAT was the laugh I'd been looking for all day.

— The Corner We Pee In (@lrgeller) July 18, 2012

@billmaher I think "foreign" to these people just means you married outside your immediate gene pool… you know… "foreign" blood!

— John Clavis (@johnclavis) July 18, 2012

@billmaher Well, they do that before they go back to the attic to now have sex with their cousins. See it's win-win for them.

— Mitchell Kade (@kade6767) July 18, 2012

@billmaher cue dueling banjos. Good grief.

— Meredith (@KiwiBreeder) July 18, 2012


@billmaher They're scary people. My sister in California follows Glen Beck and she believes all his lies. Is there something in the water?

— Marie Gilbert (@gilbmarie) July 18, 2012

@billmaher I'm confused about american politics, are the tea baggers (snigger) the ones that make republicans look semi educated?

— Foamy (@frank_simms) July 18, 2012

@billmaher Awww… don't be so polite, Bill. Tell us what you *really* think of the teabaggers ๐Ÿ˜‰

— Carmine Bello (@bellobass) July 18, 2012

LMAO! @billmaher is fuggin' hilarious…. "Tea People"…MWAHAHA!

— DJ JackHammer (@DJ_JackHammer) July 18, 2012

@billmaher not only that those half sisters are preggers so lots of lil baggers in their future

— kathy fettkether (@KYFett) July 18, 2012

@billmaher funny! Sad true except there paid in Koch!

— Tom Martinka (@RickyPierceand1) July 18, 2012


@billmaher The Tea People … now there's a horror film dying to be made in all it's bible toting, flag draped glory.

— Shawn Colton (@FatherWizard) July 18, 2012

@billmaher thay fynilly gawt thuh antennys put back up own thuh traylers an gawt thuh 'lectristy back own aftur thuh tornaydaw.

— Golmer Flagellate (@Golmer) July 18, 2012

Oh, how clever! Tea Partyers are stupid hicks! Get it?


Also, raaaaaaaaaacists.


Gee, thanks for clearing that up.

Fortunately, there were plenty of Twitterers who didn’t hold back their revulsion:

@billmaher Way to spread stereotypes. Brilliant comedy there Bill.

— That Guy (@MeierFire) July 18, 2012

@billmaher Ur such a 1-sided, unfair, hateful twit..,but at least ur getting paid a lot to be a sell out. Remember ur actual talent? DC Cab?

— Olby Is My Muse (@OlbermannMyMuse) July 18, 2012

This is not witty, funny, or intelligent, what were u going for exactly? RT @billmaher: I c the Tea (cont) http://t.co/GsptLPMb

— sharky Ray (@sharky9287) July 18, 2012


@billmaher you're an unoriginal degenerate. Roll Tide asshole.

— Stephen Pritchett (@pritchlaw) July 18, 2012

@billmaher Angry much?

— Tom Swiss (@tomswiss) July 18, 2012

@billmaher is it hard to breathe w/ur head buried up POTUS's ass? Facts r a stubborn thing. I c u don't let them get in the way of ur rants.

— Liberty Belle (@baseballmom2424) July 18, 2012

@billmaher you must not watch anything other than pro Obama stations. It's never changed.

— Howard Alexander (@Madgaffler) July 18, 2012

@billmaher Could you have any less class you moron? You never did tell me what funeral home does your make-up? Maher = No Talent Hack

— hollywood (@robdobber81) July 18, 2012

@billmaher take another bong hit Bill.

— zoso420 (@zoso0420) July 18, 2012

@billmaher Billy, I know you only do it for the attention…but just so you don't forget…you know you're a bigoted snob prick, right?

— Jeff Dixon (@jwdixon321) July 18, 2012




Maher’s crossed the line of decency so many times, he’s forgotten what decency looks like. He’s running out of people to insult; it’s only a matter of time until he runs himself right off a cliff.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/18/bill-maher-tea-people-are-incestuous-xenophobes/

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