Perfectly Wrap A Present Every Time — Here’s How To Master This Trick

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One of the most tedious parts of the holiday season is wrapping gifts, especially if you’re not great at it.

I certainly struggle when it comes to making my gifts look presentable. It’s definitely the thought that counts, but it’s always nice to give a present that’s just as pretty on the outside as it is awesome on the inside.

Japanese department store Takashimaya has perfected the art of gift-wrapping, and their seasoned pros only take 15 seconds to wrap each box.

It’s a fascinating and mesmerizing process. These professional gift wrappers work incredibly fast!

Youtube / Todd Tripp

I could watch this gift-wrapping hack on repeat for hours, but with those speedy moves, it’s pretty hard to see the step-by-step execution if you want to tackle this method yourself.

Luckily, this guy broke it down and is here to teach us all how to become master present-wrappers.

Youtube / BeatTheBush

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