People Are Totally Cool With Racism If It Means Cheap Rent (Video)

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One guy noticed a disturbing amount of racist comments on YouTube and wondered: “Are people okay with racism of black people as long as there are no black people around to hear it?”

Ben Bizuneh, a comedian and host of New Lies comedy YouTube Channel, wanted to find out if people were willing to agree to racist tenant terms just for the prospect of “cheap rent.”

Bizuneh called on the help of fellow comedian Aristotle Georgeson, who set up a fake Craigslist ad to sublet an apartment room for $400 and Skype interviews with potential renters to “give each person a virtual tour of the apartment.”

On the Skype interview with the the renters, Georgeson makes numerous anti-semitic remarks and gives them a racist ultimatum, saying black people aren’t allowed in the house.

I always have my white friends over and we watch movies… Really the only rules I have in the house are, you know, no cats, no dogs, no black people and just make sure you take your shoes off when you walk in…is all that cool?

Disgustingly, every single person Georgeson interviewed was totally OK with the racial restrictions for cheap rent. Not one person had an objection.

Of course. I like how you are organized… Yeah, I live right now with a Chinese family and I also do that, like take off my shoes… 99 percent of the people I know are white.

Watch Bizuneh and Georgeson’s “Skype Racism” video below.

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