Party With The Most Interesting Man In The World In Virtual Reality (Video)

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They don’t call him the Most Interesting Man in the World for nothing!

You’ve seen him on an endless amount of Dos Equis commercials and wondered,

How someone could possess such an aura that makes everyone so interested?

Is it because his words carry weight that would break an uninteresting man’s jaw?

Or is it because the last time he flirted with danger, danger got clingy?

Who knows — whatever the reason may be, it’s no secret hanging out with the Most Interesting Man in the World is on many people’s bucket lists!

As a matter of fact, there are so many people out there who would do bad things just to chat over a beer with the man himself, Dos Equis had to team up with Oculus Rift and bring this fantasy to life.

You walk into a lavish, fully decorated room with plush carpets and designer furniture.

A group of stunning women wearing masks walk through the entryway before you. A tiger roars in the distance — and then it hits you — you’re at a masquerade party with the Most Interesting Man in the World.

It’s the virtual reality experience you’ve always dreamed of.

In a recent statement regarding the new technology, the company’s brand director revealed:

For Dos Equis, it’s the unique twist that we put on everything we do that makes the brand stand out. Cutting-edge virtual reality technology offers the chance for thousands of consumers to experience the intrigue and surprises of the Most Interesting Man’s Masquerade Party.

Interested in being interesting?

You can have your very own, life-changing virtual experience with the Most Interesting Man in the World by becoming his very own guest of honor at the Dos Equis Masquerade Party.

If you can’t make it out to one of these legendary parties, Dos Equis also created an interactive website where you can see what the party is all about through the online experience.

As of right now, the bars allowing patrons to take part in the Dos Equis experience are located in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and New Orleans.

The technology is expected to be available at several music festivals across the country, including Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, ALONE in Los Angeles, Monster Bash in San Diego and HARD Day of the Dead in Los Angeles.

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